About Our Company

Xiphi Tech IT Solutions is a Mumbai based global provider of IT consulting and development services. Our aim is to deliver value to our clients by creating state-of-the-art solutions employing the latest technologies. With the growing startup ecosystem in India, we, as technology partners are helping startups create innovative solutions accorss various business verticals. We combine our ability to understand the problem and to be able to propose a solution crossing boundaries of technology platforms. Mobile Apps, Management of Information, Integration to third-party apps or IoT Devices. We are the geeks whom you wanted as your friends!

Project Management

We JIRA. The key to a successful project is in it's management. We follow Agile Methodology. While following strict deadlines, we ensure that we don't miss out on minute features request by our clients

Technical Architecture

"This change cannot be accomodated!" We understand that software is an evolving process and we put in a lot of efforts to ensure we always are able to accomodate those last minute ammendments. One, by ensuring that the scope document is drafted before starting a project and Two, by creating an architecture that is open for extensibility.


Mobile is the future and at Xiphi Tech we acknowledge it. For every solution we develop, the entire UI has to go through a usability test on mobile devices.

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The Technology Stack

We keep our clients ahead of their competition with the lastest technologhy

Angular JS

Angular JS

AngularJS is a relatively new JavaScript framework by Google, designed to make your front-end development as easy as possible. Being 100% client-side and compatible with both desktop and mobile browsers, this “superheroic JavaScript framework” is used in many modern apps like YouTube, Netflix, Weather.com

Mongo DB


Modern apps demad rich & dynamic data structures, fast response times & easy scaling, to match the rapidly changing customer & business requirements. MongoDB, is the premier NoSQL platform that addresses the gap between the modern development languages & relational data model, and between scaling up vs. scaling horizontally.

Twitter Bootstrap CSS

Native Mobile Apps

We build native apps, which means our apps perform faster and feel smoother. We follow the design and security standards set by iOS and Android, which ensures that our apps are never rejected by the respective app stores

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